Welcome to Saint Joseph's Episcopal School

From Age 1 through 8th Grade

An independent, educational school for Grades Pre-K – 8th and an Early Childhood Academy caring for children ages 1 through 3, Saint Joseph’s mission is to educate the whole child in mind, body, and spirit in a safe, Christian environment. Our school is designed to provide a well-rounded educational environment that will help children develop into responsible leaders as well as grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually. Saint Joseph’s welcomes students of all faiths, customs, cultures, and beliefs.

We recognize that children are unique individuals with differing needs, talents, abilities, and gifts that must be nurtured and developed. Saint Joseph’s strives to create an environment that allows children to recognize their individual talents and abilities, and offers opportunities where they can experience success in academic and social situations. We create collaborations with parents so that we can work together to discover, nurture, and capitalize upon the gifts and talents our students bring to St. Joseph’s.

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School of Excellence!


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The Saint Joseph's Advantage


Among the many advantages of a Saint Joseph's experience:


Small Class Size
The faculty/student ratio is 1:8. Actual class size in the Upper School averages 15 students, with some classes as small as nine.
Academically Superior Curriculum

We offer advanced curriculum that is taught from texts and resources that are cutting edge by experienced teachers who are constantly upgrading their skills through professional development and collegial collaboration.

During the Day Resources
Free tutoring is offered to students before school to re-teach and reinforce skills students need to work on. Math tutoring for middle school students during lunch is also offered at no cost to families. A pull-out program is available for students with IEP's (Individualized Educational Plans). Additionally, our students are taught study skills through the use of the Study Skills Tool Kit, an interactive workbook which helps students learn to better manage time, study more efficiently, and handle stress that comes with everyday school and life situations.
Students Have a Voice
We feel that children need opportunities for learning in group situations where they can experience the democratic process. As such, we regularly involve students in forums allowing for open and honest communication about issues at school, including homework, assessments, and peer interactions. Middle School Students participate in Student Government with weekly meetings to organize and plan school and community service events.
Athletic Programs
We strive to condition students and motivate them to enjoy sports, athletics, and movement. Students are exposed to information through skill-building, lecture, and play as they learn about nutrition, anatomy, and sports from experienced and caring professionals who are award-winning athletes and coaches. Students learn and play several sports including: volleyball; tennis; soccer; basketball; softball; football; and lacrosse. Physical Education is a daily part of our curriculum.
Academy of the Arts
We have an active arts program that includes drama, music, and visual arts. Our drama program focuses on performance goals. In addition to the public out-of-class requirements and the annual play, the curriculum is complemented by in class study through performance in the areas of pantomime, improvisation, proper voice, blocking, and stage movement. These activities help unleash the student's creativity and develop technical skills on stage. Music classes are offered to all students weekly with individual instruction and lessons available if requested. Our visual arts curriculum is stellar with students developing and fostering skills in all mediums (paint, clay, chalk, etc.) Saint Joseph's students also create the artwork for our annual calendar that builds on quotes from a variety of themes including: leadership, kindness, and dedication.
After School Enrichment Activities
In addition to Daisies, Brownies, Fun in the Sun, and Friday Football, our students are invited to enroll in several programs that tap into the many natural gifts and talents they bring to our school. Over the years, we have offered the following enrichments: Mind Lab, Chess, Karate, Tennis (regular and tournament level), Lacrosse, Etiquette (Pre-K through 3rd grade), Actors Workshop, and Baton.
Community Service

As an Episcopal school, we pride ourselves in this component of our identity where community service speaks boldly of our intent to make an impact on our community.


School wide projects or individual class programs, random acts of kindness, school cleanup, recycling, environmental awareness, and giving to the poor and unfortunate is a natural extension of our curriculum and awareness that is just one component of what we accomplish each year.


Some of the community impact we have achieved include a building project for Habitat for Humanity, making sandwiches for the Caring Kitchen, donating and collecting turkeys for Thanksgiving with the Community Caring Center, donating and collecting food for the Thanksgiving food drive with Channel 12, adopting families and volunteering for the Angel Tree Dinner at Holy Redeemer Church, assembling the 100 ft. Christmas Tree with Office Depot at Old School Square, and many beach clean-ups.

Success After Graduation
Our students graduate from Saint Joseph's and are academically prepared to compete and attend excellent high school and preparatory schools which include but are not limited to: St. Andrew's School, Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Newman, St. Paul's School, Phillip's Academy, The Hotchkiss School, The Thacher School, Atlantic High School's International Baccalaureate Program, Palm Beach County's CHOICE programs and college preparatory programs and prestigious boarding schools around the country. (see our High School Fair info)